Hburg To Ktown


This weekend, my parents came into town to see my new home, meet some of my friends, and hang out in Knoxville now that I finally know my way around. They arrived soon after I got off work on Saturday – after a short stop in Bristol to watch the second half of the USA soccer game. Our great friends from England, Dick & Jean, are here for the month and seem to have gotten my parents hooked onto soccer (er, football?), so an hour and a few beers later, they finally got to my place around 7. We hung out for a bit, catching up, and then headed downtown to check out Market Square and the Old City – two Knoxville must-sees.

When my parents moved me to Knoxville last August, our first meal in the new town was at Barley’s Taphouse and Pizzeria. Anyone who knows Knoxville knows Barley’s for their delicious pizza, huge beer selection, live music scene, and the pool tables upstairs. My father remembers Barley’s as the place that almost didn’t serve him alcohol because he didn’t bring his ID. For those of you unfamiliar with my daddy, he’s about 6’3″, 250 lbs, with salt and pepper hair and big bushy beard… someone CLEARLY over 21, and really just a guy you don’t want to mess with. Needless to say, he enjoyed the experience on the firs go ’round, and wanted to go back. I couldn’t say no.

We downed some hawaiian pizza and a Fat Tire or two, and called it a night. After 7 hours of traveling, even my one-bedroom apartment was calling their names. Five people in less than 800 square feet can be tricky, but we made it work. Looks comfy, huh?

Thanks, Mom & Dad for being so low maintenance!

Sunday was a full day! We dropped Dick & Jean off at Ruby Tuesdays so they could enjoy the England soccer match, and set them up with everything short of a win… so sorry England fans. We headed to church, followed by a BBQ lunch and an afternoon at the Willows pool – a much needed relaxing afternoon!

After many conversations about my parents having first visited Knoxville for the World’s Fair back in 1982, we headed down to World’s Fair Park for dinner at the Butcher Shop. YUMMY! The World’s Fair venue has changed a bit, but it was fun to see the landmarks they remembered (only the Sunsphere, really) and to hear their stories about life wayyyy pre-Kelsey.

After dinner we did a quick loop around to see the football stadium at UT – a Knoxville landmark that can’t be missed – and headed back to my place. Tripp’s JMU roommate, Mark, and his wife, Leigh Ann, have been GREAT friends to us in our time thus far in Knoxville, and I was so pleased that they came by to meet the folks!

Below: Tripp & I with Dick and Jean, and then him and I with my parents.

Thanks for making the long journey for such a short stay! Knoxville has been so good to us, and we love sharing it with friends and family. Stop by anytime!


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