ktown, so far

a little glimpse into my Rocky Top world…

neither of my roommates have gotten a B. on anything. they’ve also warned me that the church I attend is ‘where people go to get married.’ it ain’t happening. we’re not drinking the kool-aid.

tripp and I have successfully found four great coffee shops. none quite as homey as Para in Charlottesville, but our favorite so far is Remedy. great coffee, friendly baristas, and nurturing atmosphere.

everyone in this town seems to have the demeanor of a Wal-Mart greeter. without a doubt, the kindest city I’ve ever been to.

i have successfully locked myself out the house in lacrosse shorts and a tyedye t-shirt, only to meet the neighbors as they suspected me of breaking into my house.

in one of our ‘adventures around knoxville,’ tripp and i donned our green and orange at an irish festival @ World’s Fair Park – complete with guinness, cloggers, and cooked rose petal beads.

in an interview for an apartment leasing job, the manager of the company prayed for God’s guiding hand in my job search and new life down here, whether it be with them or elsewhere, that His will would be done. cool. SO cool.

after sneaking into the UT dining hall, i proceeded to have a table of freshman boys holler that i had a bug on the back of my skirt. i swatted it off. it was a bee. it stung the crap out of my hand. i screamed. everyone laughed. curtsy to the crowd. thank you.

i never thought i would say this, but i miss Ashby.

there are a few running paths in my neighborhood that i’ve had the chance to venture around, only to have my quads screaming at me to stop. and i thought virginia was hilly.

my list of things i’ve left at home has passed the two page mark. that’s what i get for being an amateur mover. or maybe it goes back to the fact that i’ve never lived outside of rockingham county.

however, i’ve fallen for this place. i love the scenery, community, people, adventures, opportunities, and new friends. this is a good thing.


One thought on “ktown, so far

  1. Allyson says:

    My love, I am thoroughly enjoying the blog already! I know you just started.. but please keep up with it. It is so simple to read for a few minutes in between projects at work… and I plan to keep on doing it! I miss you dearly… And I love your writing. Stay beautiful ❤

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